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Who We Are

What is "Bethel Christian Reformed Church"?

  • "Bethel" is a Biblical word which means "house of God."  God's house is more than a building - God's people are God's house! He lives among his people. As God's people we come together to worship, to serve, and to interact and care for each other, and in those ways we are building God's house.

  • "Christian" is a word that defines our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  We have totally placed our trust in Jesus Christ to give us a not-guilty verdict based on what he accomplished through his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.

  • "Reformed" refers about how our church and denomination are rooted in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.  At that particular time change or reform was needed in the church of Jesus Christ.  The confessional beliefs of our church include the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dordt, and the Belgic Confession.  Reformed Christians believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of every square inch of planet earth and the entire universe.  Because he is Lord of all he has something to say about the world of work, the field of politics, the realm of education, the institution of marriage and just about every other area you can imagine.  We believe that as Christians we are to announce Christ's Lordship over every area of life and live in obedience to that Lordship.

  • "Church" is a New Testament word meaning "called out ones."  As God's people we have been called by Jesus Christ to live distinctively different lives by which we give praise to God.  As a church we worship together, we serve together, we care for each other, and we reach out together, believing that God has called us to share with others the Good News of eternal joy through Jesus Christ.

Bethel Christian Reformed Church is one local church "family" in the Christian Reformed denomination.  Approximately 1,000 such congregations exist in North America.  As a local church we seek to reflect the love of Jesus and create warm friendships in the context of the local church family.

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